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So Close, Yet So Far

When you're playing golf during the winter, your shots don't carry as far or roll out as much as they would in the summer. It's just a fact of life. It also means that judging distances to the green becomes a lot trickier, with many amateur golfers coming up a little short with approach shots. Have you noticed this trend in your own game recently?

Step 1: Gapping session

Well, if you come and see us for a gapping session, we can work out the exact yardage that you hit each club in your bag, making finding the green more often a reality.

However, you won't realise the benefits of knowing your distances unless you know how far you need to hit the ball, something that a Garmin GPS device will certainly help with.

Step 2: Garmin GPS device

The Approach S10 is the perfect solution to your yardage woes. Featuring a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, the S10 will give you the distance data you need to play better golf (front, middle and back as well as hazards and doglegs).

This technology is there to help you, so make sure you're taking full advantage like most other golfers are!

Buried Alive

One of the enduring memories from last year's Ryder Cup was how brutal the rough was at Le Golf National; sometimes it was impossible to even see the ball once it landed in the first cut. This led to a lot of buried lies for players on both teams, which is something you’ll be dealing with yourself this winter...

These lies can lead to scorecard-wreckers, so it's important you know how to get your ball back into play when out on the course.

Firstly, don't be greedy! Make sure you take a lofted club - a wedge for example - which will help get you out of trouble. A lesser lofted club won’t get the ball in the air quickly enough, as the club comes in at too shallow an angle, resulting in it getting caught up in the grass behind the ball.

You should also make sure you play the ball further back in your stance, which encourages a steeper angle of attack to elevate the ball out of the grass nice and quickly, ensuring you can play your next shot from the fairway. 

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