Swing Tips 3 - Putting

Master those short Putts!


Are you having problems with those short two foot putts? Holing putts on a regular basis is all about having the putter face square to the intended line at the moment it contacts the ball. What I see often as a coach is a golfer with excessive body movement trying to help the putt at the point of striking (pic 1) therefore creating an inconsistent strike and putter face position. In my view the fewer moving parts in a putting stroke the simpler and more consistent your method will be.


Assuming you are aiming the putter and body alignment correctly try working on the following. Think of the shoulders and legs as the frame of your putting stroke. Keep the frame still allowing your shoulders to rock back and forward. Practice hitting a few putts where the head and legs remain still until the ball has stopped (pic 2). This will help you reduce the moving parts in you stroke avoiding turning your shoulders across the putt. This will help the putter face remain square and help you to control the path of the putter head more down the line. As with anything it takes a bit of practice but achieving fewer moving parts should create a more consistent stroke.


Good golfing!

Colin Fairweather, Advanced PGA Professional

07816 528607 pro@kirkintillochgolfclub.co.uk

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