Swing Improvement Lesson 1

Should we change anything when playing in windy conditions?


The following game improvement tips should help you control your golf ball when playing in windy conditions, something we are likely to encounter through our winter months.


On full swing shots focus on not on fighting the wind and hitting it hard but on striking correctly and maintaining a smooth swing throughout.  Assess the wind, is it down, into or a crosswind. Look at the flags, tree tops, throw up some grass to give you an accurate assessment.


Tee shots


When hitting downwind try hitting your 3 wood as it's more lofted, and so will stay in the air longer, carrying the ball further. The shorter shaft and increased loft will be easier to control.


In to the wind use your driver as this will keep the ball down due to the loft and keep the ball running. Again smooth swings on both will give the best chance of striking correctly. The harder you hit a ball into the wind will result in increased spin on the ball and more height. Hitting hard downwind would work but you may sacrifice your striking.


Approach shots


Into the wind

• Take more club, is it a 1, 2, 3 club wind.
• Create a good base to make the swing. Slightly wider stance.
• Play the ball position back in your stance.
• Grip down the club, this will give you more control, shorten the swing arc, which will create a shallower path and lower flight.
• Keep the backswing ¾ length and swing soft. The harder you hit the more spin you create and the more the ball will go up in air.
• Really try and cover the shot through impact.




• Take less club
• Create a good base to make the swing. Slightly wider stance.
• Visualise the ball landing short of the green.
• Swing full length and commit to the shot. Although the ball will travel further the wind will knock the ball flight down.


• Pick your point where you want the ball to start in order for it to finish on the green.
• Swing smooth
• Create a good base to make the swing. Slightly wider stance.
• Use the wind, don't fight it!


• Give yourself a good base by widening your stance.
• Alter your posture by leaning tilting over more. This will give you a better chance of not getting knocked by the wind.
• Keep your head still throughout the stroke. As always this will improve the strike and consistency.
• Take in to account, is the putt downwind, into, crosswind etc, this will all affect the putt.


With anything it takes practice and experience to try something different and judge the results. By trying these we are hoping we gain better control of the ball flight. Remember when playing in the wind the par of the course goes up, so remain patient and enjoy the challenge of it.


Good golfing


Colin Fairweather

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