Individual Membership Fees

New membership offers are available throughout the year with excellent packages always on offer.  In addition to this, entry fees able to be paid over over a maximum of 3 years via monthly direct debit via our partners. In addition a standing order payment facility is also available paid one year in advance in 9 instalments from May to January.


Note: In addition, Gents SG/DGU affiliation fee of £13.85, Ladies SLGA affiliation fee of £11.25 are supplementary.


Also, we take the view that the junior members are the potential future lifeblood of the club and, as such an increased focus on junior coaching is in place, to encourage and develop their game.  Both boys and girls are age-banded into the subscription categories indicated above.


Please contact KGC Club Professional, Colin Fairweather on 0141 776 1256 or email for further details.

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