KGC Social Events Need Your Support!

Did you know that if you support your club by attending our social events you are actually helping the Golf club by spending money behind the bar, thus you are helping to increase bar takings and in turn helping to keep your annual golf fees down?!


Did you also know that we cater for family events such as special occasion birthdays, christenings, anniversaries etc.?  So, please just get in touch with our Bar and Catering manager Jacqui for full details on availability, prices etc., she will do you a good deal!

Find The Joker Results

Find The Joker is back at KGC. Entry costs £1 with a weekly prize fund of £30, plus a new feature of an extra £10 if you pick a face card.  Tickets can purchased via the bar staff during the week or on a Saturday from the Social Committee. Remember, you've gotta be in it to win it!  JACKPOT now stands at £400.


Week 1 winner - Michael Sweeney (£30), Week 2 winner - Keith Boyle (£30), Week 3 winner - Rod Bradley (£30). Week 4 winner - Charlie Glancy (£40 - face card picked), Week 5 winner - Hazel Cunningham (£30), Week 6 winner - Glen Cook (£30), Week 7 winner - Stuart Duncan (£30), Week 8 winner - Jessie McDonald (£30), Week 9 winner - Stevie Larwood (£30). Week 10 winner - B. Hendrie (£30), Week 11 winner - J. Donnelly £30). Week 12 winner - Scott Hutton (£30), Week 13 winner - G. McLay (£30).


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